This course will save you thousands and put you on the trajectory to crush your revenue goals.

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Dashaun Bryant

Roof Hustlers

Dashaun Bryant, a leader in the D2D Sales industry has been actively selling roofing for over 8 years. For the last 3, he has been traveling the country coaching roofing companies of all sizes. He specializes in sales team activation, and establishing the best mentality for growth. Dashaun is America’s roofing authority when it comes to getting the right mindset for success, and helping your sales team understand the proven strategies, tactics and principals to become door-to-door closing machines.
Mr. Bryant is in such high demand for his in-person coaching, he travels between 45 – 50 weeks a year. To reach a larger audience, he co-created Best Hustler Academy to serve more roofers and help everyone level up their game faster. In addition to his monthly live coaching calls at Best Hustler Academy (available to Dominate subscription holders), you can book him for an in-person training and expedite taking your company upstream.

Bruce Leffler

Best Roofer Marketing

Bruce Leffler, has over 17 years of experience in digital marketing and 25 years in sales. During his marketing tenure, he has consulted over 3,000 small businesses, hundreds of them being roofing companies. He is passionate about coaching roofing companies that are fully committed to growth. It’s rewarding to Bruce and his team at Best Roofer Marketing when their efforts directly results in financial gain. Not for the sake of making more money as a company owner but for the reality that sales driven by their best practices impact people’s lives.
Rapidly scaling roofing companies can take care of their employees better, and that rolls down to their kids, spouses, and communities. His expertise in digital marketing strategies is unmatched. For companies larger than $10M in revenue, Bruce is loosely available for 2-day in-person sales and marketing strategy sessions. Limited dates still available in 2023.

    What Does Best Hustler Academy Offer?

    Best Sales Training : We don’t hold back. If it’s in our arsenal, you’ll receive it in this course.

    Exposed Industry Secrets : The Truth About Sales & Marketing for Roofers Exposed tips.

    Marketing Truths : Breaking Down Everything Like Ads, SEO, Video, Social and more.

    Key Tactics & Principals : No fluff here. These are proven and we have the testimonials to prove it.

    Downloadable Resources : With New Content being dropped all of the time, we stay current so you do too.

    Who Is This Course For?

    We are excited to have an educational offering for everyone in the roofing industry. While most traditional roofing companies (residential or commercial) buy the DOMINATE course, we also have something for everyone. Our STREAMLINE solutions are for companies that only want help with Marketing or Sales but not both. The SALES PRO edition is for the Door-To-Door Sales Professional that wants to succeed in the lucrative and thriving world of Roofing D2D Sales.

    How Do I Get Access Once I Subscribe?

    You’ll be emailed your credentials and have access to the appropriate lessons you are subscribed to.

    Is there a minimum subscription?

    Yes, our courses require a minimum 3 month subscription. That said, we are putting out new content all of the time with a commitment to have new drops every quarter. The roofing industry is forever changing from a sales and market perspective and our team does the research to ensure you are always getting the latest and greatest information available.

    Are Dashaun and/or Bruce available for live trainings in person?

    Yes. Both coaches have limited dates available for in-person training or strategy sessions. Contact us today to discuss options and availability.
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